Books: I’m reading one!

I love to read books: fiction, nonfiction, whatever. It’s difficult finding time to read for pleasure during a school semester, but I’m making it a higher priority for myself this time around. And not only because I love stories and information, but because reading makes for better writers, and if I’d truly like to become one of those, I can’t forget to study the pros.

For now, I decided to jump into¬†Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I’ve read one other of his books, Corrections, and thought it to be pretty wonderful. I hope this one will be even better.

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Album Review: Cold War Kids ‘Mine is Yours’ (

I like this band, in general. But I’m not crazy about its newest release.

Read my review here.

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Ann Powers on Music and How We Consume It

Ann Powers writes about music the way I wish I could write about music. I recommend¬†this article on how we’re consuming music now–instead of by traditional hard-copy means–and how these new ways of listening may change the ways in which we relate to the music itself.

“The most exciting music communicates the story of its own invention in ways that refresh themselves with every listen. That’s why we love to hear music played live, and it’s why moving beyond the confines of the album and the single can only intensify the influence of pop in our daily lives. Music becomes more to us in every moment that we live with it: more embedded in our psyches and more crucial to our communities and our privately constructed selves.”

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Live Review: Florence + the Machine at the Wiltern (

I almost forgot about this one. Back in November, I reviewed the Flo show at the Wiltern. It was mesmerizing and amazing and great! Read about it here.

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1/8/11, Day Trip to Beautiful Big Bear

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Early Season Wins Matter (

I wrote a lil ditty on why early-season wins matter. And this has become even more poignant of late, as the Lakers have been struggling. Read it here.

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Phil Jackson, Coach Extraordinaire (

The Miami Heat WERE struggling at the beginning of the season, when I wrote this. Now, they’re not. But this article, in which I ponder on the Heat’s coaching woes and contrast them with how well Phil Jackson has handled teams of superstars, did make sense at one point. Read it here.

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