Books: I’m reading one!

I love to read books: fiction, nonfiction, whatever. It’s difficult finding time to read for pleasure during a school semester, but I’m making it a higher priority for myself this time around. And not only because I love stories and information, but because reading makes for better writers, and if I’d truly like to become one of those, I can’t forget to study the pros.

For now, I decided to jump into Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. I’ve read one other of his books, Corrections, and thought it to be pretty wonderful. I hope this one will be even better.

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2 Responses to Books: I’m reading one!

  1. RFW says:

    Never read Corrections, but could not put Freedom down until I finished it.

  2. Emily Wilson says:

    Yeah, I’m only 100 pages in so far and I like it better than Corrections already!

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